John Henry ~ Northern Dancer


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Northern Dancer was as handsome as he was fast.  The bright bay Canadian-bred colt became a national hero in Canada when he won the 1964 Kentucky Derby, then the Preakness, and finished third in the Belmont.  He was nearly passed over as a yearling because of his small stature, but his big heart and talent showed the world that size isn't everything.  Northern Dancer went on to become one of the most influential Thoroughbred sires of the 20th Century, and now close to three quarters of the world's Thoroughbreds have his name in their pedigrees!

Northern Dancer Champion Thoroughbred

[Northern Dancer Champion Thoroughbred]

Breyer honored Northern Dancer with this release in 2012.  The model beautifully shows off his rich coat, three socks, and that sweet little stripe that goes crooked down over his left nostril.


This fellow is still in his sealed box as he came from Breyer!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1494