John Henry ~ Dark Bay Western Horse - JC Penney SR


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This release on the John Henry mold is rich bay with a slight wine tint to his body, lending some to describe him as plum bay.  Unlike the other bay releases on this mold, this fellow wears four short socks over buff feet.  He was only available through JC Penney's holiday catalog in 1994.  he is one of the hardest releases to find on this mold today... When this listing was written, not a single one had been listed on eBay in over three months!

This fellow is Near Mint with only pinpoint light eartip and muzzle rubs (that don't go all the way through the paint) marking him down.  Unless you're inspecting him very closely, like we do, he'll appear Mint condition.  He wears a satin finish that shows all of his shading beautifully.  Like all releases on this mold, he is tippy, so we recommend Museum Putty to keep him securely upright.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711594