Jumping Horse, Bay with 2 Socks and Original Cardboard Box

  • $21.95

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The Jumping Horse debuted in 1965 and ran through 1988.  This bay was his inaugural color, and it varied over that time with different finishes and socks. This guy has one lightly airbrushed right hind sock with a lighter left front foot and left hind coronet.

This guy is a great restoration project.  He rates as Very Good condition, but he has only some tiny and pinpoint rubs and a few small marks.  His biggest problem is that he has paint bits stuck here and there, mainly on his legs and under his hooves.  They were coming off with a bit of rubbing, but we don't do restorations on consigned models, so you get him at a great price and can improve him with a little love.  There is also a dull area on his back.  He features unglossed eyes and shaded genitals.  He comes with his original jump and cardboard box.  (He is not chalky, although he may look it in photos.. He does sport a nice vintage paint job, though!)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #300