Jumping Horse ~ Dapple Grey Field Hunter - Sears SR

Jumping Horse ~ Dapple Grey Field Hunter - Sears SR


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The iconic Jumping Horse was given a splendid dapple grey coat for this Sears holiday Special Run in 1997.  His full release name is "Dapple Grey Field Hunter Collector Piece."  He sports a dark grey coat with shaded resist dappling, four socks and a matching grey "stone" base.  One of the hardest releases to find on this mold, only between 1650 - 2000 were made. 

This fellow is Excellent condition or Near Mint with factory flaws:  He has just a few tiny rubs on his left barrel, a small tail tip rub, and a tiny nostril rub.  That all that was seen for post-production issues.  He also has a few dapples that didn't get their resist grease removed before his body paint was sprayed over it, and when the grease came off during finishing, it left the dapples bright white instead of being shaded.  This can be seen on his left stifle and both gaskins.  It's kind of neat, showing the painting process, but they do stand out as "different" on such a darkly shaded horse.  He comes with his original base which is Near Mint.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #491197

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