Jumping Horse ~ Kiowa - Vintage Club

Jumping Horse ~ Kiowa - Vintage Club


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Chris Hess's beloved Jumping horse made an appearance in the 2013 Vintage Club with this release, done in the color of the old pinto Indian Pony in chalky style.  He even wears war paint, reminiscent of the early Indian Ponies.  Only 500 were made. His base features the 2013 VC stamp in gold underneath.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with a group of red marks on his right shoulder and a group of matching marks and rubs on his right hip.  There are a few tiny marks around his tummy hole where his base attaches, but otherwise, he's clean and well painted.  His base has tiny rubs on the top corners but displays well.  He is done chalky-style, with painted whites and airbrushed pinto pattern reminiscent of the vintage Indian Pony, including similar painted symbols on his right rump and left neck.  He even comes with his black velvet drawstring pouch and the number label from the bottom of his shipping box (not pictured).


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712094

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