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Jumping Horse, Light Bay 3-Sock Variation


  • $1395

The Jumping Horse debuted in 1965 and ran through 1988.  This bay was his inaugural color, and it varied over that time with different finishes and socks.  This particular fellow sports the lightest coat color of any I've seen, and would more accurately be described as buckskin!

This guy is in Excellent condition.  His color is a beautiful soft, warm, light bay with lots of highlights.  (Because of his light color, we closely examined him for signs of being a shrinky, but he has no symptoms.) He has some slightly darker body color marks on his right hip and barrel where he has lain against his box for years, and those are the sole reason for his condition rating.  The bottoms of his hooves are unpainted, and he sports three socks, one of the less common variations.

His stone wall is in Factory Mint condition and has never been removed from the box.  He comes with his original box.  If you have no interest in the box, let us know at checkout.  We'll discard it and if shipping is less without it, we'll refund any overpayment.

If you collect Jumpers or variations, this is the guy for you! 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #300