Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 27, No. 1, 2000 Jan/Feb

Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 27, No. 1, 2000 Jan/Feb


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Read up on your favorite models, the horses that inspired them, and other hobby information.  Most is just as relevant and interesting today as the day it was published!

This issue features:

  • Sneak Preview: Gatsby, Silver Wolfe
  • Poco Bueno
  • Midnight Tango
  • New For 2000
  • Tour 2000 Events
  • Biko - The Gentle Giant
  • Eventing - An Equestrian Triathlon
  • Cyber Ponies: Breyer Collecting on the Internet
  • BreyerFest 2000 Marks Breyer's 50th Anniversary
  • Judge's Clinic: Reining
  • Farewell to Big Ben
  • Photo Contest Winners
  • Brushstrokes: Companion Animals
  • Leahs Fancy Chick
  • Holding and Judging a Photo Show Step-by-Step to Success: Part II
  • Know Your Breed: The Australian Shepherd
  • New Companion Animals
  • Blast from the Past: Corky the Circus Boy
  • Just About...Breyer Animals! - Bear Family Set
  • Vintage Point: Brighty of the Grand Canyon


  [Triple Mountain stock images used.  Issue info courtesy of identifyyourbreyer.com]

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