Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 38, No. 4, 2011 Fall

Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 38, No. 4, 2011 Fall


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Read up on your favorite models, the horses that inspired them, and other hobby information.  Most is just as relevant and interesting today as the day it was published!

This issue features:

  • Just About Horses Through the Years
  • 2012 Vintage Collectors Club
  • How To: Horse-Ball
  • The Artist's Sketch: Heather Moreton
  • Introducing Breyer Blossoms
  • Winners' Circle: Holly Hill, Della Suttles, Hailey Jaggers, Margie Juergensmeyer, Morgan Stewart, Amara Kranz
  • Introducing Breeds of the World
  • Thrillseeker, 50th Connoisseur Model
  • Model Horse Show: Mini Performance
  • How To: Flip Flop, by Sommer Prosser
  • 2012 Events Preview
  • 2011 Year In Review
  • 2011 Events Wrap-Up
  • Breyer 2011 New Products Guide
  • Introducing the New Breyer Premier Collection
  • Vintage Point: JAH Special Runs Through the Years
  • Fall Introductions
  • Coming Soon: Equestral Crystalworks

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 [Triple Mountain stock images used.  Issue info courtesy of identifyyourbreyer.com]

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