Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 44, 2017 Annual

Just About Horses Magazine Vol. 44, 2017 Annual


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Read up on your favorite models, the horses that inspired them, and other hobby information.  Most is just as relevant and interesting today as the day it was published!

This issue features:

    • Behind the Scenes: New Sculptures Debut in the Premier Collection
    • Suzy Stafford & Hunny: Sweet Success
    • Breyer's Photo Show Contest Results
    • Christiane Slawik Has the "Eye"
    • Cobra & Marsha Hartford-Sapp
    • BreyerFest Live Show Highlights
    • An Insider's Tips for the Perfect Photograph
    • Artist's Sketch: Stablemates Tack
    • Customizing: Repairs
    • Behind the Scenes: Vintage Collectors Club
    • Hwin, Mustang
    • Vintage Point: Swaps
    • New Products Guide


     Near Mint condition. 

      [Issue info courtesy of identifyyourbreyer.com. Stock images used.]

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