Justify Resin - Limited Edition


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Leaping ahead of the pack, Justify shows the length of his stride during its airborne phase!  This limited edition resin includes a base with brass name plaque and a certificate of authenticity.

He has been a hot seller for us, and there's no wonder why.  Breyer's first sculpt with no feet on the ground is gorgeous.  Not only can you feel the muscle tension in the horse and his focus ahead to the finish line, but the jockey is also tense and even appears to be clenching his teeth with the effort.  Leather reins add a touch of texture and the sculpt is raised off the heavy base with a sturdy clear Lucite support.  It looks a lot like a high-end trophy, befitting Justify's accomplishment!  There is a foil sticker on the bottom of his base that reads, "Justify - 13th Triple Crown Winner in History. Hand Painted - Commemorative Edition - 2018."  [We expect this to confuse people in the future, since the horse won in 2018, but sculpture was made for sale in 2019.]

 "Justifly" as his sculptor Rayvin Maddock calls him, is Rayvin's first sculpture for Breyer!  We hope to see many more, and have had several customers ask whether Breyer would consider making him in plastic without tack in the future...  We don't know, but if you'd like to see that happen, feel free to Breyer know! 

He comes to you packed in Breyer's box with its custom-fitted styrofoam inserts to hold him safely through his journey.  This box will be packed inside a shipping box when we send him your way.


Size:  approximately Classic

Breyer Model #9304