Key Chains, Breyer Mini Cow Hides

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Here's something very few collectors have!  Breyer included a leather cowhide-shaped key chain embossed with the Breyer logo with the purchase of certain Breyer saddles in the mid-late 1990's.  The keychain was attached to the clear plastic tube used to package the saddles, and served to show that Breyer saddles were made of genuine leather.  It's doubtful that many were saved - Most were tossed out with the packaging, since they weren't "horsey" type items.  That makes them an amazing addition to your collection of unusual Breyer objects, and they would also be neat additions/props for a Collector's Class display!  People are sure to ask where you got them!

We received one each in three different colors and will be selling each one separately.  Choose your favorite, or collect all three.  In all our years of selling models, these are the only ones of these that have come to us, so we don't expect they'll stay here long! 

From darkest to lightest, they are as follows: 

Dark Brown - Factory Mint

Russet - Near Mint marked down just because the leather has curled up a bit and there's a faint mark where it has bent (as if it had been creased).  If set flat with a weight on it, it should flatten back out, and the mark will be nearly invisible, looking like the leather's natural pattern.

Tan - Factory Mint with naturally uneven coloring (which is why most leather items are dyed dark, to hide unevenness).  Pretty, tawny color.

Size:  Approximately 1.5" - 2" long (we didn't measure them)