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Kitten, Siamese


  • $4395

This darling Siamese Kitten is one of the earliest releases on this mold.  She was only made between 1966 and 1971, making her over 40 years old!  This model featured a white body, grey points, and pretty blue eyes that look almost metallic.

This sweetie has had a few bumps in her journey.  She’s in Good condition with no breaks or cracks, but has lots of marks and some rubs.  Most notably, she has lots of light yellow dots (sometimes called mold spots, but more likely the result of the natural reaction of the ingredients in the plastic over time when left in a hot place).  Her biggest rub is on the tip of her little nose.  She also has tail and paw edge rubs, and a light yellow spot on her right shoulder (maybe where her blue ribbon used to be).  I'm sure she could be restored if you wanted to make the effort, and despite these issues, she is still a hard-to-find piece.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #335