Lady Phase ~ Leah's Fancy Chick w/ Extras

Lady Phase ~ Leah's Fancy Chick w/ Extras


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Breyer officials spotted (no pun intented) Leah's Fancy Chick at the 1999 APHA World Show and chose her to become their Breyerfest 2000 Celebration Horse.  The lovely buckskin pinto mare, who was in foal at the time, had a portrait model made in her honor, and when the foal was born shortly before Breyerfest, a contest was held to name the baby.  The name chosen:  Leah's Fancy Breyer.  Chick and Breyer both attended Breyerfest 2000, where they were truly the stars of the show every day.  Only 4400 portrait models of Chick were made, and then 2500 of baby Breyer were made as well, which delighted collectors.

This mare is Near Mint with a scattering of pinpoint specks in her plastic, typical for this release, and mild yellowing that you can correct with a few days of sunbathing.  No rubs were seen on inspection.  She features dark face shading, muzzle pinking and very neatly painted tri-color eyes.  She even comes with her original box and ticket from the event!  (Ticket will be bagged and placed behind box insert for safe traveling.)


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700900

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