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Lady Phase, a beautiful copper chestnut mare, was the very first AQHA World Champion in Halter.  She was bred and owned by famous country singer Lynn Anderson, who was a renowned Quarter and Paint Horse breeder, as well as being an all-around kind person.  Lynn often volunteered for charity, helped found the Special Riders Program in Tennessee that brought children with physical and mental challenges to horses, and was active in getting riding events approved for the Special Olympics.  As a matter of fact, another of her horses Skipsters Chief, was also immortalized by Breyer as a poster horse for handicapped riding programs.


In 1976, Breyer asked Anderson if they could create a portrait model of her horse Lady Phase. Chris Hess and Peter Stone, then head of marketing and product development for Breyer, visited Anderson and Lady Phase for a photo shoot near Nashville. She worked very closely with our model makers to create the perfect sculpt to capture Lady Phase's character and muscle detail. When the model was complete, Lady Phase was released as a Traditional size model, which was also available in a play set. In addition, Anderson was featured in a 1976 issue of Just About Horses (JAH). She even worked with Breyer to create a "little book" called "I've Always Loved Horses," which included her journey with Lady Phase and her other horses, as well as advice about owning your own horse.

Lynn Anderson and Lady Phase from  Lynn Anderson with original Lady Phase sculpture from

[Above:  Lady Phase and Lynn Anderson pictured on the cover of the book they wrote with Breyer's backing, and Lynn appreciating the original Lady Phase sculpture created by Chris Hess.  Photo credits:]

Breyer's tribute model of Lady Phase was designed to represent "The Perfect Quarter Horse."  It was released in 1976 and ran through 1985.

This mare is in Excellent condition with tiny rubs on her right hindquarter, and tiny scratches and pinpoint rubs scattered overall, but wow.  The semigloss finish brings out her dark coloring magnificently and and her paint job is just beautiful.  She features a partially stenciled forelock, unglossed eyes, lighter area above her muzzle, grey muzzle shading and dark nostril shading.  She appears to have screw holes in the bottom of at least her front feet, so it's possible she was used in a factory-built retail display.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #40 or #3075

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