Lady Phase, Red Roan - Signing Party SR


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This pretty roan Lady Phase was created to be sold only at Breyer Signing Parties in 1989.  Only 2000 were made, and they're hard to come by today, with most getting signed and disappearing into collections forever.

This mare is in Excellent condition with some grey speckles and tiny marks on her face and body that I think will come off with careful use of a Magic Eraser, and moderate yellowing, which you can easily reverse by letting her sunbathe a while.  A whiter line in her plastic along her left hip should blend back in once she brightens back up.  She wears an uneven finish - mostly semi-gloss on her right side and mostly matte on her left.  She features well-painted tri-color eyes with tiny eye whites and nostril shading plus pink inside her nostrils.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410040