Lady Phase, Red Roan - Signing Party SR

Lady Phase, Red Roan - Signing Party SR


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This pretty roan Lady Phase was created to be sold only at Breyer Signing Parties in 1989.  Only 2000 were made, and they're hard to come by today, with most getting signed and disappearing into collections forever.

This mare is Near Mint condition with her only rub being a pinpoint rub on her left knee!  She has a line of tiny shiny spots along her left back and shows mild yellowing which you can reverse by sunbathing her - but do it only for a short time and keep an eye on her, as the chestnut speckles may begin to fade if left too long.  She features chestnut shading around her eyes, nostril and inner ear shading, muzzle pinking, and lovely tri-color eyes.  She was signed by Peter Stone and dated 4-12-89.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410040

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