Lady Phase, Sorrel - Treasure Hunt


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The beloved Lady Phase mold was chosen to be the Treasure Hunt model in 2006, and what a fun Treasure Hunt it was!  She was released in four colors, which many collectors agree are some of the nicest colors she's ever been made in.  To make it even more interesting, each of the colors was made in two versions:  The original short-tailed version, and a new long-tailed one.  Both were equally popular.  Sending in the four UPCs would get you the prize, a lovely wedgewood model with either a short or long tail, depending on which UPCs you sent in.  This is the lovely shaded sorrel, short-tail version.  She features a beautifully masked blanket and a star.

This pretty mare is in Excellent condition with a small rub on her right shoulder.  This is one of the prettiest sorrel coats Breyer has ever done.  She features lovely shading, nicely done dapples, and such a pretty face.  She comes with her descriptive box card.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1212