Lady Roxana & Andalusian Foal ~ Proud Mother and Newborn Foal Set - 6-mo Release


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The Proud Mother and Newborn Foal set was a 6-month release from July - December of1993, featuring Lady Roxana and the Classic Andalusian Foal.  Lady Roxana wore this lovely rose grey coat for the occasion, with shaded lower legs, one front sock, and an airbrushed grey dorsal stripe.  Her foal is such a dark bay that he could be mistaken for black.  He has a solid face and one hind sock.

The mare is Factory Mint with one black speck (factory) on her right hindquarter.  Very pretty, warm color with lovely grey shading and airbrushed dorsal stripe.  

Her colt is Factory Mint and the color of dark chocolate.  He has one slightly lighter spot on his right shoulder and also is slightly lighter above his eyes.  Matte finish with bright white sock.

They even come with their original box.


Size:  Traditional Mare w/ Classic Foal

Breyer Model #3161