Legionario ~ Robert Vavra's Majestad

Legionario ~ Robert Vavra's Majestad


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Robert Vavra is a photography artist famous for his incredible photos of horses and unicorns amid stunning backgrounds.  Majestad is one of the horses featured in his books, a gorgeous grey Andalusian who graces the cover of Equus, standing in a field of red poppies. 

[Majestad on the cover of Robert Vavra's Equus.  (Book not included.)]


Breyer honored Robert and Majestad with an incredible set that included Majestad done on the Legionario mold, wearing poppy garlands (a tribute to the cover image of Equus), and "Horses of the Wind" CD.  This lovely set was only available from 2003-2007.

This fellow is Near Mint with just a tiny rub behind his left elbow. He has a few pinpoint specks that may clean off or may just be overspray. He is a beauty, with all-over grey shading - the most shading we've seen on this lovely release... Photos don't do him justice. He even comes with not only his poppy garlands, but even his "Horses of the Wind" CD, which is still factory sealed!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1217

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