Levade Saddlebred Mare, White Bisque

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This sleek, stylish American Saddlebred mare was originally produced by a fledgling porcelain model horse company called Levade in the USA.  From what we have been able to piece together, it was a great idea with great sculpts, but just couldn't make a go of it.  The Saddlebred and another mold were sold to Marge Para in 2002, and she produced some for sale already glazed as chestnuts and palominos, along with some custom orders and occasionally also sold bisque pieces for customers that wanted to glaze them themselves.  Numbers aren't available, but it's reasonable to assume that the number of these in the world is probably quite low, and unpainted ones are probably quite rare.

This lovely girl came to us on consignment from a collector who had won her as a championship prize at a model show in the New England / New York area many years ago.  Her eyes and nostrils have been painted black, which make her lovely to look at on display as-is, or she'd love to be customized your way!

She is a very clean white bisque sculpted in show stance with lovely lines and details.  She comes in her original box with a styrofoam-cutout insert to keep her safe. 


Size: between Classic and Traditional