Lipizzaner Stallion ~ Adonis - Premier Club - UNOPENED

Lipizzaner Stallion ~ Adonis - Premier Club - UNOPENED


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Adonis is the much-anticipated new Lippizzaner Stallion designed and sculpted by Heather Puleo.  He is sculpted performing the capriole, a difficult maneuver that takes years to learn, where a horse rears onto his hind legs and then leaps forward one or more times, landing only on his hind legs.  he is posed having just landed and is compressing his strength in his hindquarters for another leap.  You can see the tension in his muscles and tail, and the proud concentration on his face as he performs.  Heather also designed the Premier Club coat color, for which she chose a gorgeous buckskin semi-Leopard Appaloosa with lots of spots!  He features painted whites, Appy spots that extend beyond his blanket, one hind sock and a broken blaze, along with eye and muzzle mottling.  Adonis comes with a clear base.  He is a magnificent fellow, and Premier Club models generally continue to increase in value.

Yours is unopened!  You'll be the first to see him!  Photos are Triple Mountain images of another we received, for reference.  Your model will be in his unopened Breyer shipping box, complete with his faux suede drawstring pouch, COA in its plastic sleeve, and full-color Premier Club picture box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712447

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