Little Debbie Promotional Special Run Oatmeal Creme

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This collectible set was a promotional piece for Little Debbie Snacks.  To receive one, you had to send in UPCs from Little Debbie products along with money.  Finding them still attached in their box these days is a great find.  This set was only available in 2004 and includes Little Debbie doll, Oatmeal Creme horse, Western Saddle, bridle, saddle blanket with horse's name embroidered on it, brush and Champion ribbon.

This adorable set is still New In Box.  They are attached to the inner panorama.  I slid the outer box off to photograph them for you, since it's not see-through, then closed it back up again.  It comes complete with Breyer's 2004 box catalog.


Size:  Pony Gals

Breyer Model #701806