Lone Ranger and Silver - Gabriel Industries, Early 1970s


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Gabriel Industries was known for their poseable models, and this is one of their most iconic.  This 10" Silver and matching-scale Lone Ranger were designed so that kids could recreate scenes from the television series and have their own dynamic adventures.  The horse is jointed at the poll, elbows, knees, stifles, hocks, and fetlocks, and his tail can even lift and lower a bit.  His rider also has poseable joints and wears the Lone ranger's trademark outfit, bandana, hat and mask.  Because these were designed for play, it's incredibly hard to find a complete set in good condition.  The horses' joints and the elastic at the riders waist were known for breaking, and of course, accessories and tack would break or get lost easily. The set was made beginning in 1973 and retiring (we believe) in the late 1970s.

We were amazed to see this set arrive in such great condition.  It was owned by an adult male collector and quite possibly was only displayed.

This Silver is in Excellent condition for his brand and release, with no missing parts that I can see.  His legs and head have yellowed as normal for this release, and seam glue shows on his seams and here and there. There is a faint pink stripe in his mane that may come out with a bath. All of his joints work, which is a wonder - They are known for getting loose over time and many people have glued theirs into position.  (He did have clear cello tape around his hocks, but we've removed that and as you can see, he stood fine for photos.)  He is still fully poseable!  This is the first we've had here who appears to have his full set of tack except for the breast collar and stands on his own - A testament to him having been well cared for over the years.  His reins are still knotted at the ends as they came from the factory.

The Lone Ranger is Near Mint in appearance.  His elasticized waist and hip joints have loosened with age, but he still stood for photos with some patience.  His hat could use a wash; it looks slightly dusty, as do his clothes, but just slightly.  He comes complete with his hat, mask, lace-up shirt, bandana, slacks, boots, belt, and even his holster belt and both pistols! 

What a great set!  You'd be hard-pressed to find one complete in better condition!


Size: Rider is 10" tall with horse scaled to match - Slightly larger than Breyer Traditionals

Model #unknown

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