Lonesome Glory ~ Mardi Gras - Breyerfest 2000


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The Lonesome Glory mold, created by acclaimed sculptor Kitty Cantrell, was first released in 2000 as the Regular Run portrait of steeplechaser Lonesome Glory.  At Breyerfest that year, the mold was given this wild Appaloosa pattern as a Special Run.  Only 750 were made. Interestingly, some were made with, and some without, dorsal stripes, making each version scarcer than the 750 total, and both versions are hard to find now, having disappeared into collections years ago.  We were lucky to receive this one.

This fellow is in Excellent condition with slight yellowing that you can correct by giving him some time in a sunny place.  His only rubs are two pinpoint ones on the right side of his neck, but there are some specks in his white areas, most of which appear to be body paint overspray.  They could probably be removed with careful use of a Magic Eraser if you choose.  He features a full dorsal stripe, extremely subtle resist dapples on his withers and along his dorsal (you have to really look to see them - they're more shiny dapples than an actual color-shift), and a gorgeous head with impeccible shading and tri-colored eyes.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #710250