Lunch Ticket (Choose Your Day)

Lunch Ticket (Choose Your Day)

Triple Mountain

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Use this entry to reserve lunch for yourself and others in your group.  Reserving allows us to gauge how much we need to buy.

Lunch will be a Customize-Your-Own big sandwich and a drink.  We'll be buying meats, cheeses and the fixings fresh at Hannaford each day.  The $10 cost will help cover the cost of ingredients.  Buying lunch is optional - You may also bring your own.  Going out to lunch is not recommended because distance and traffic may prevent you from getting back in time for your classes.

Because of costs, we're not able to purchase special ingredients for those with specific dietary needs, sorry!  Please feel invited to bring your own lunch if you have special requirements.  We want you to be healthy and happy!


Important note:  The entire show property (hundreds of acres) is a non-smoking property, and we will be fined if anyone smokes ANYWHERE on the property, including in vehicles!  Please plan accordingly and make sure everyone in your party respects this rule.


 Contact Eleda with any questions.

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