Lying Burro Foal, Pinto


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This adorable spotted burro foal is depicted resting in the desert in springtime, after the rains have brought out the cactus flowers and greenery that springs to life once each year.  He is as cute as can be, with his neat pinto pattern, textured fuzzy coat, and tri-colored eyes.  He is part of the Masterpiece Porcelain Collection by Homco, copyrighted in 1985.

He is in Excellent condition with a few black specks (from muzzle shading?) on his muzzle and one on his nose.  Also, a couple of the super-delicate flower petals on the cactus have broken off.  If you touch them up with yellow paint, they'll be unnoticeable.  He features neat markings, including an incredible well-painted foreleg and hooves, and a primitive cross-bar across his shoulders.


Size: 5.75" high

Manufacturer's Model # unknown