Lying Foal, Black Appaloosa - B-Stamp

Lying Foal, Black Appaloosa - B-Stamp


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The adorable Lying Foal has captured the hearts of collectors since she debuted in 1969.  Black Appaloosa is one of the original releases.  Though the model isn't hard to find today, finding one with her original box is pretty special, and brochures from back in 1979 are hard to find in their own right.

This cutie is in Very Good condition because of a chipped left ear.  Other than that though, she's in great condition and displays beautifully.  She has a rub on her right eartip, and a couple of tiny rough spots in her finish where the paint missed.  They're all but invisible.  Her whites are still quite white for her age and she has all the "goose bumps" the mold is known for.  She is a B-Stamp model, which usually includes really nice paint jobs with extra details.  She includes thick, salmon-colored inner ear and muzzle pinking.  Then, interestingly, her left front hoof, which is tucked underneath her and not visible while on display, is painted pink.  I'm pretty sure it was aftermarket, although we've seen nail polish lookalike paint on certain other models of the era.  This is a deeper pink, though, and doesn't match her muzzle pinking, so I think someone added it later.  I don't know why anyone, either the factory, or someone afterward, would bother to paint that foot, which can't be seen, so it's a bit of a mystery.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #165

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