Mangalarga Marchador ~ Imperador das Aguas JM - Breyerfest 2016

Mangalarga Marchador ~ Imperador das Aguas JM - Breyerfest 2016


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The inaugural release on this mold, Imperador das Aguas JM (which means ruler without equal) is a champion Mangalarga Marchador stallion imported from his native Brazil by owner Claudia Bellandi of Ocala, Florida, USA.  He is a handsome dapple grey with a sweet disposition, according to Claudia. 

The Marchador is a gaited breed, and Breyer's sculptor for this model, Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig chose to depict the horse performing their trademark lateral gait, the marcha picada.  As the 2016 Celebration Model, this release was only available to 3-Day ticket holders at Breyerfest 2016.  Approximately 8000 were produced.  We've heard that the mold won't be used again until 2019, so this will be your only opportunity to add him to your collection until then.

Imperador das Aguas - source
[Imperador das Aguas at home; Photo credit]

His portrait model features metallic gold highlights in his eyes and tiny resist dapples on his muzzle. He wears Imperador's "192" and "JM" brands on his left side.

This fellow is Excellent condition with two small rubs on his right shoulder.    He features all-over dappling with a hint of pearly sheen for depth.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711234

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