Marwari ~ Nazruddin - Breyerfest 2017 Celebration Model

Marwari ~ Nazruddin - Breyerfest 2017 Celebration Model


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The rare Marwari breed was bred by Indian royalty.  They have an elegant build with an arched neck and their signature feature - Ears that curve inward at the tips, sometimes touching.  Nazruddin is one of only a handful of Marwaris in the US, imported by Francesca Kelly from her breeding farm in Dundlod, Rajasthan, India.  He sports a rich chestnut coat with a high left front sock and a low hind one, along with a blaze.



[Nazuddin; courtesy]


Breyer honored Nazruddin as the Breyerfest Celebration Horse for 2017, whose theme was Gateway to India.  His model was only available to 3-day ticket holders at the event.

This fellow is Factory Mint with a few specks in his plastic as always, including a bit of grey in his face seam at the muzzle.  He is a handsome boy, with soft highlights and bright whites.  He even comes with his original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711253

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