Marx Thunderbolt, Bay with Original Tack

Marx Thunderbolt, Bay with Original Tack


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Thunderbolt was Marx's first and most popular horse, and he remains popular today.  The bay Thunderbolt was produced from 1965-1975.  Military miniaturists like Thunderbolt because he is made in 1:6 scale, the scale they generally work in.   He is also tack friendly, both for saddling and for harness, with his mouth open and tail raised.


We're rating the horse as Very Good condition, marked down for the usual chemical reaction between the horse's plastic and Marx's rubber tack, which we always see on models that have been left tacked up for decades.  However, his tack isn't welded on, as we've seen in other pieces.  It was completely removable, and will be wrapped separately for travel to you.  He comes with his original saddle, which appears intact, saddle blanket (also rubber), rifle scabbard, and rifle.  I was not able to remove the rifle from the scabbard, so it's staying put.  There are no saddlebags, but the saddle, blanket, and scabbard appear like new:  They are soft and pliable, and no strap keepers are broken.  When tacked up, the finish issues aren't as visible, so he displays well.  What a great piece!

[Breyer wood saddle stand not included.]


Size: Approx 1:6 scale  (He stands about 13.5" tall to the eartips.) 

Model #2061

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