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Sweet Merrylegs, we all remember him from Black Beauty.   This endearing little dapple grey Shetland Pony was only sold with the Black Beauty and Friends Gift Set from 1980-1993.  He has a soft grey body with resist dapples, a white mane and tail, and four socks.

He is in Near Mint with no rubs, just slight yellowing that can be easily reversed with a few days in a sunny place.  He has a tiny black spot on his left front hoof under the finish and some overspray of grey onto his tail.  He features a lovely color that's darker toward his rump and chest, lighter at his barrel, and lots of awesome resist dapples. He also wears a semi-gloss finish that really brings out his color.  Like most models on this mold, he requires a prop to stand securely.  We recommend Museum Putty.  


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #3040