Mesteno's Mother and Mesteno the Foal ~ The Dawning Gift Set

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The Mesteno story starts with this adorable set, called The Dawning.  You can picture this lovely cream dun mare having just given birth, greeting her colt as he stands for the first time.  Does she know what a great stallion he'll grow up to be?  The set was made from 1993-1997, and three versions of the mare are known:  Most have a deep black mane, while some have a brown or grey mane.  Often their tail and leg shading matches the mane color.  There were also huge quality variations in the paint job of the mare in this set.  Earlier ones, like this set, are painted much better than later ones, which are known for their tacky "black stripe" manes.

This sweet mare is Near Mint, marked down for a tiny eartip rub, a pinpoint rub on her right knee, tail tip rub, and some tiny hoof edge rubs. There are the usual specks in her paint from the factory, of course. I think a bath would do her good, as well.  She features solid black points with bold leg barring but a soft grey airbrushed dorsal stripe.

Her colt is in Excellent condition with some random tiny grey marks and specks, a tiny rub on his left hindquarter, and a few pinpoint rubs.  There are also shiny areas in his finish where he's been handled.  He is a heavy little bugger (seems like they all are, but for some reason you really notice it on this guy) with some lovely subtle highlights, including a lighter muzzle above his grey muzzle shading and a soft grey dorsal stripe that goes all the way down his tail.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #4810