Mini Indian Pony - 70th Anniversary Blind Bags Chase Piece

Mini Indian Pony - 70th Anniversary Blind Bags Chase Piece


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The 70th Anniversary Stablemates blind bag set has been the most exciting thing to happen in the Breyer world since the advent of BreyerFest!  Among the boxes of blind bagged models were randomly distributed a Chase Piece and a Super Chase piece.  The Chase model will only be in 25% of cases, while the Super Chase model will be found in only 12% of cases, per Breyer.  The rarity, first-time in this scale, and first-of-its-kind coloring makes both chase pieces highly sought-after.

She is done in a gold undercoat with metallic blue dappled coat over it for a unique look.  Her legs, mane and tail are straight blue for a beautiful accent.

This beautiful girl is Factory Mint with bright metallic gold dapples and rich blue mane, tail and lower legs, all under a lusciously thick glossy coat.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #6051

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