Mini Smart Chic Olena ~ Lyle Lovett's Smart and Shiney

Mini Smart Chic Olena ~ Lyle Lovett's Smart and Shiney


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The Smart Chic mold was the obvious choice to use as a portrait of his son Smart And Shiney.  This handsome Palomino Quarter Horse, owned by famous musician Lyle Lovett, was the Celebration Model for Breyerfest 2013.  He is done in a slightly metallic Palomino with four socks and a broad blaze.  Several muzzle variations have been seen.  Only 5000 were produced and "Breyerfest 2013" is printed on their bellies.

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Smart and Shiney was chosen to be included in the Stablemates 70th Anniversary Mystery Horse Surprise blind bags in 2020-2021. 

This fellow is in Excellent condition with two small marks & rubs on his left hindquarter.  He features a dark golden palomino coat with beautiful sheen and soft shading, along with bright whites and muzzle and inner ear shading.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #6052

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