Misty's Twilight ~ Flabbenhoppen, West Coast Jamboree


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Misty's Twilight got the opportunity to represent the Knabstrupper breed during the 1996 West Coast Model Collector's Jamboree.  Knabstrupper's are a spotted breed originating in Europe.  This model is done in a semi-Leopard pattern with coffee head and neck, white body, grey points, and four socks, with all-over chestnut spots.  She features a two-tone tail and a striped mane with red, white, and blue running braid.  Only 1000 were made, making them hard to find today!

This lady is in Factory Mint condition with chestnut shading and sparkle dots in her eyes.  She has one adorable Appy spot on the bridge of her nose.  She even comes with her original Jamboree hangtag!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410196