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Misty's Twilight ~ Winter Belle, 2011 Holiday Horse


  • $8995

Misty's Twilight was chosen as Breyer's Holiday Horse for 2011, the 15th in the series. Called Winter Belle, she is done in rich bay with diagonal socks and a short stripe.  As has become customary for the Christmas model, she is adorned opulently:  with a quilted red satin blanket trimmed in gold, set with greenery and ornaments, a gold bridle with jingle bells on the browband, and matching jingle bell neck strap and anklets... and yes, they really do jingle!

This exquisite beauty is still new in her box.  I've slid off the outer cover to take better photos, but she remains attached to the box, as she came from the factory.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700111