Modernistic Buck & Doe


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Without a doubt the most unusual items Breyer ever produced, the Modernistic Buck and Doe set was released in either 1960 or 1961 (historians still debate the date) and ran only through 1964.  Since they are not easily recognizable as Breyers, few survived to make it into collections.  Finding a pair in this good condition is like winning the lottery.

The set is done in Art Deco style, a result of Breyer purchasing molds that had already been in use for some time prior.  According to Breyer History Diva, this could make them the oldest animal molds ever used by Breyer!  They have stylized, flat legs and are finished in metallic gold paint.

This set is in Excellent condition with some tarnishing as expected and small eartip and antlertip rubs.  They may be the BEST conversation pieces you'll ever have in your collection, and are also sure to be a hit in Collectors' Classes.  Only one lucky collector will get this pair, and we highly doubt we'll ever come across another set to offer, so if you need them, don't hesitate!


Size:  similar to Classics

Breyer Model #unknown