Morgan Mare, Leopard Appaloosa - Tractor Supply SR


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This beautiful mare is a black Leopard Appaloosa on the Classic Morgan Mare mold.  She wears splatter spots, a bi-colored mane and tail, as well as muzzle and body pinking.  She was only sold as part of the New Beginnings Set, a Special Run through Tractor Supply in 2017.  Collectors grabbed up these sets and finding the models for sale right now is nearly impossible!

This pretty girl is Near Mint with just a small smudge on top of her tail (tail paint) and a tiny unpainted spot on the underside of her tail.  She features bright whites, grey knees and and hocks, tan feet, and pinking behind her forelegs.

If still available, her handsome partner is for sale separately here.

Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #701737