Morgan, Palomino

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The high-stepping Morgan was produced in Palomino from 1989-1994.  Color varies wildly on these, so there are lots of opportunities to collect color variations.  He has a solid face and four socks over grey feet.

This guy is in Very Good condition with a very rough finish.  When rubbed, it flakes off in places, so care should be taken to treat him gently, or add a layer of clearcoat to stabilize his finish.  At this point, damage is minor and mainly limited to his left withers and left side of his face.  He has just a pinpoint rub on his right shoulder and couple of specks of dark overspray.  He's a neat, pumpkin color with a shaded mane and tail.


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #9050