Morgan, Red Roan

Peter Stone

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This handsome guy was a single-year release for Peter Stone in 1999.  He is a red roan with a light coat, dark mane, tail, and points, and lots of tiny speckles.

This fellow is in Very Good to Excellent condition with a large rub on his right rump, a small one on his right forearm, tiny ones on his right barrel(with a black speck in it), right hind fetlock, left knee and hock, muzzle, eartips, tail tip, and hoof edges.  He has some dirty spots that should clean off with a bath.  All of this sounds awful, but on normal display he'll look pretty good.  The rubs generally go only through his speckling layer, so rather than bright white, most are his cream base layer.  He features the tiniest speckling ever, and a beautifully shaded face.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:9718