Morgan Stallion, Red Roan - Gotz Doll Company SR, Sheryl Leisure Model

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The Morgan Stallion was produced in this gorgeous red roan color for the Gotz Doll Company in 1997.  This super hard-to-find guy wears a speckled coat with a shaded head, knees and hocks to match his mane and tail.  You'd expect a model that came from the Sheryl Leisure collection to be gorgeous, and he does not disappoint!  What a beauty!

This guy is Excellent condition with a pinpoint rub on his right knee, one under his right fetlock, one on the left hock, and a black line down his right hindquarter which may clean off.  His left front foot is bent outward slightly, which you'll want to correct with a warm hair dryer.  Like many on this mold, he's tippy, and considering his rarity, we recommend using Museum Putty to keep him securely upright.  He comes with his original Leisure collection verification card signed by Sheryl.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #495091