Morganglanz w/ Box

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Morganglanz was one of the first approved Trakehner stallions brought to America.  After being named champion at the Neumünster approvals and standing stud successfully in Germany for ten years, he was imported to the US by Edith Kosterka, where he had a huge influence in shaping the Trakehners bred in the United States.  He was a handsome sorrel with flaxen mane and tail, three socks and a stripe.

Breyer honored Morganglanz with a portrait model on a new sculpt which ran from 1980-1987.  It depicts him trotting happily at liberty.  Many people may not realize what a nice tribute this was: While the German judges noted his impeccable conformation and suitability as a sire, they also noted that due to a pasture accident when he was a 2-year-old, he was unable to move freely, preventing him from competing in under saddle classes.  His sons and daughters went on to become champions, making their sire proud, but Chris Hess gave him a lovely tribute by showing him moving gracefully at a broad trot.

This fellow is Near Mint, only marked down for pinpoint eartip rubs!  From the right side, he appears to only have one sock.  One the left side, he has hints of socks on two legs, while the other two have shading all the way to the hoof.  He even comes with his original box, which is Near Mint as well!  This is a great collector's opportunity!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #59