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Museum Wax and similar microcrystalline waxes (like dental braces wax) have been used by model horse show exhibitors for decades.  They are used to hold tack and riders in position and help tippy models gain stability.

Our choice is Museum Wax by the makers of Quakehold Museum Putty, which we've used and sold for years.  This wax is nearly clear, remains soft, and is easy to work with.  It is normally only sold in huge tubs, though, for museums to secure glass and china items to shelves.  We've repackaged it into small containers to make it easy to carry in your show supply box and tuck into a jeans pocket while setting up your model.  It also makes it a lot more affordable!

Each 5-gram container (about the size of a small lip balm container) is enough to get you through your show, plus it can generally be recovered after use and placed back in the container to use again next time. 

Directions:  Scrape out a small amount of wax, form into a tiny ball, and place against the corner of the horse's mouth.  Press bit into wax to temporarily hold bit in place.  If too much was used, carefully pick off excess, but it's better to use as little as necessary.  To help hold a tippy horse upright, place a small ball between horse and table and press hoof gently onto it.  It works great for displays in glass cabinets, since it's translucent and nearly invisible in use.

Works best on non-porous surfaces, like plastic, metal and glass.  It does not work as well on leather and wood.  Try Museum Putty for ideal holding power for tippy models on wood shelves.

Made in the USA.



All waxes are affected by temperature.  Keep out of extreme heat and cold.  If wax is cold, knead a small piece between your fingers to warm it up, or hold the container in your hands for a few minutes.  Like all waxes, it should not be used on fabric or porous surfaces.  Always test in an inconspicuous place if using on a material you haven't tried it on before.  Differences in surfaces and temperatures will affect adherence, so always insure that tippy horses are positioned so that they won't take damage if they do fall over.  Third photo shows US quarter for scale.


Neither Triple Mountain, nor the manufacturer, makes any warranty regarding the use of this product.  User assumes all responsibility for product use and risk of damage.

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