Mustang ~ Diablo, 2014 Vintage Club Release


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The iconic Mustang has appeared in many colors, but until the 2014 Vintage Collectors Club, it had never worn the collector-favorite, vintage red roan color.  Only 500 were made in this neat old color.  Chestnut speckles cover his warm sorrel body, with matching chestnut mane, tail, and lower legs. They feature the VC logo and year printed in gold on their bellies and come wearing a vintage-style blue ribbon sticker on their right shoulder.

This handsome fellow is in Near Mint condition with his only flaw being a rub on the tip of his forehoof that rests on the ground.  (Yes, we're that picky!)   He features tons of great speckling, muzzle pinking and dark eyes. He comes with all his Vintage Club extras:  Original vintage-style box, 1961 VC pamphlet, bubble wrap and bag, and even his original shipping box (original purchaser's address on the box has been blacked out per her request).  He also wears his blue ribbon sticker.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712103