Mustang Mare ~ Bisbee - Spring Special

Mustang Mare ~ Bisbee - Spring Special


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This beautiful decorator represents one of America's most famous stones in its finest form:  Bisbee turquoise.  Named for the Bisbee mine where the most beautiful pieces originated, Bisbee turquoise is famous for its lovely sky blue hue and copper veining.  Breyer's Bisbee features a dappled/mottled blue coat just like the stone, complete with coppery accents.  She looks like she was carved right out of the mine!  This spring special was limited to 3,000 models.

This pretty mare is Near Mint with just a couple of tiny rubs on her right front fetlock.  She features subtle shading, including something like a faint dorsal stripe, which is really pretty.  He also has sooty shading in her ears, nostrils, on the sole of her raised hoof, and "lip liner."  She even comes with the bio card from her original box.



Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #1815

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