Mustang Mare ~ Hwin

Mustang Mare ~ Hwin


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The spirited Mustang Mare sports a lovely dapple grey coat for the 2017 release, which is a portrait of the wonderful BLM Mustang named Hwin, owned by Elisa Wallace.  Elisa and Hwin compete in eventing, and are doing very well, indeed!

Mustang Hwin and Elisa Wallace - Credit Wallace Eventing

[Hwin and Elisa Wallace; Photo credit Wallace Eventing]


Breyer's portrait model is done in a rich grey with lots of dapples and shading.  She was only available from 2017-2019.

This pretty lady is in Very Good condition with some tiny dark grey marks on both sides, one pinpoint eartip rub, and some shiny areas in her finish.  She features bright whites.  She is marked down from Excellent because she carries an odor from being in storage before she arrived here.  It will concentrate while she's wrapped here, but should dissipate once she's unwrapped and out in the open air for a while.  She's bargain priced because of it.  She even comes with her original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1774

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