Mustang, Red Dun - Sears SR, w/ Box


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The Semi-Rearing Mustang wore this rich red dun coat only for the Sears Holiday Catalog in 1999.  Along with his dorsal stripe, he wears four solid legs and a blaze.  He's a hard release to find these days, probably because despite the lovely color, it didn't look real flashy in the catalog, so maybe not many were purchased.  That's speculation on my part, but it makes him a challenge to find these days, and he's the first one we've had in all these years!

This fellow is Factory Mint with a slightly speckly paint job (lovely!), an airbrushed dorsal stripe, shaded legs, muzzle shading and pinking.  He has a tiny factory flaw divot on the front of his left cannon.  He wears a matte finish, but a satin mane and tail, and that slightly shinier accent really brings him to life.  USA mold mark.  He comes with his original box (the glue has come loose from the top panel.)  If you don't want his box, let us know when you order, and we'll discard it before shipping.  If that reduces the shipping cost, we'll refund you the difference per our policy.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #413399