Mystery Horse Surprise - 70th Anniversary Ed. (Single Bags)

Mystery Horse Surprise - 70th Anniversary Ed. (Single Bags)

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The most exciting series of Mystery Horses ever!  This 70th anniversary group (Series 3) includes minis of several of Breyer's Traditional models never made as Stablemates before!   There are eight horses in this assortment, shipped randomly in blind bags, plus TWO Chase pieces!  (Chase piece can be discovered in approximately 25% of cases, while the "Super Chase" model will be found in only 12% of cases!)

Models you may find in your blind bag are:

  • Mini Gypsy Vanner inspired by "Solar"
  • Mini Smart Chic Olena inspired by "Smart and Shiney"
  • Mini Connemara Mare inspired by "Bramble"
  • Mini Fell Pony inspired by "Black-Eyed Susan"
  • Mini Missouri Fox Trotter in shaded fleabitten grey
  • Mini Indian Pony in vintage-style chestnut tovero
  • Mini Fighting Stallion in vintage-style glossy charcoal
  • Mini Clydesdale Stallion in vintage-style woodgrain
  • Rare chase piece, found in 25% of display boxes
  • NEW! Ultra-rare "super chase" piece, found in 12% of display boxes


These will be sold as blind bags as intended by Breyer.  (We will not try to find a particular model for any order.)  Collect them all, and if you find a chase piece, we'd love to get a photo so we can celebrate with you!


If you'd like to order a full, unopened box of these, you can do so here (unless we sell out!): 


We sold out of the first load we received at the end of June, but have more on order.  Please check back occasionally!  (We're not keeping a waiting list.)  7/7:  We have heard Breyer is currently out of these with a hopeful ETA of 7/17 to begin shipping more to retailers.


Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #6051