Mystery Unicorn Surprise Blind Bags - Single Blind Bag


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Add a touch of magic to your collection and make a wish to find the special chase model in this new set of blind bags!  We will be selling these as both individual blind bags and full, unopened boxes.  Each box contains 24 random blind bags, and one in four boxes will include a mystery chase piece.  Oh, and did you spot the silvery unicorn near the top of the photo?  Is that a miniature version of Alborozo?!?

Please note that we sell blind bags AS blind bags (we won't feel around to try to pick models for you), so you won't know which you're getting until you open them!


We are currently sold out and so is Breyer!  We have more on order, with an expected delivery date to us from Breyer around the first week of October.  They may sell out again, so we're still taking reservations and will ship to customers who reserve them as soon as they arrive.  Reserve yours now!


 Looking for a full, unopened box of 24?  Find them here!

Size:  Stablemates

Breyer Model #6217