Native Dancer

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Native Dancer, nicknamed The Grey Ghost, was the first television star race horse.  With tv becoming popular in the early 1950s, millions watched the two-year-old go undefeated in his nine starts.  His three-year-old year was a repeat performance, except for the only loss of his career, which came in the Kentucky Derby.  His jockey was criticized for giving him a terrible ride, with one person reportedly saying, "He took that colt everywhere on the track except the ladies' room!"  He went on to win the other two legs of the Triple Crown, then was retired partway into his four-year-old year due to a recurring foot injury.  On May 31, 1954, his image graced the cover of "Time" magazine.  He became a very influential stud and passed away in 1967 following surgical removal of a tumor in his intestine.

This fellow is Near Mint with a pinpoint rub on his back.  Otherwise, he's beautiful, with lovely highlights, a dark face, and a semi-gloss finish that brings him to life.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5023