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Native Dancer, Appaloosa


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Produced for 3 years and discontinued in 1997, the quality of the paint job on this release varied wildly.  Many had gold-colored spots that look like they were hastily applied with a marker, and don't match body color at all.  This fellow, on the other hand, is the best I've seen:  He has splatter spots that are very attractive with his body color, and a beautifully blended blanket edge.

He is in Very Good condition, having one small rub on his left shoulder, visible in the photo.  He also has a speckly area in his blanket on the left side, which appears to be a spot of overspray from his body.  It's not unattractive, just unusual.  The edge of his blanket is done with the tiniest speckles of paint, making it look realistically like roaning, and his coat is smooth, blending into black stockings.  


Size: Traditional

Breyer Model #5178